Schön! Writer Roxanne Golding Reviews Cody Seekins


Newly released early December 2013, Schön! Magazine’s 23rd print publication debuts Cody Seekins Fine Art.  The author of the article, Roxanne Golding,  is a very talented and intelligent young woman.  Her engaging participation within the contemporary world of high fashion and fine art is active, current, and upbeat.
The experience of collaboration with Roxanne as well as the rest of the crew at Schön! was, to say the least, an extremely rewarding interaction.  The level of humanity, interest, and professionalism exhibited by the team was highly refreshing, and it is no wonder that Schön! has rocketed into such an auspicious place as a modern cultural periodical despite only being launched in 2009.
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A Look at Aaron Bolton’s Newest Super Villain

Aaron_Bolton_review comic blog

  With his recent participation in the Hive Gallery and Studio‘s Comic Book Super Villains Show, curated by Trek Lewis, which opened over the July 4th holiday weekend, Aaron Bolton further cements himself as a talented and evolving fine artist. His exhibited painting of Sabretooth, inspired by the X-Men comics, pulls dynamically from a myriad of fine art, illustrative, and graphic design orientations.

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Dreams & Divinities Exhibition Tour & Book Release

Dreams and Divinities, Heidi Taillefer

Dreams and Divinities, curated by Liba W Stambollion, is an exhibition featuring over fifty renowned surreal and visionary artists including Martina Hoffman, Amanda Sage, Craig LaRotanda, and Cody Seekins. Cody has three original paintings from the Jataka Tales of a Budgie-Sattva series on display: “Budgie-Sattva 1“, “Budgie-Sattva Ego Dissolving“, and “Bubble G’ohm Budgie-Sattva“. Dreams and Divinities will show in a variety of galleries across Europe and is accompanied by a beautiful hardcover book collection of artwork from each of the artists on display.
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The 10 Foundations of the Artist

consciousness eye
  1. Consciousness
    The nature of consciousness is a fundamentally important quality which characterizes the nature of artistic expression.
  2. Recapitulation
    recapitulation mc escher hand

    “Hand with Reflecting Sphere” by MC Escher

    The consistent reference of the impressions of our life experience through time gives us better insight into the nature of our reality and therefore a better capacity to express that nature.

  3. Meditation

    The ability to drop rational or egotistical predispositions allows for the artist to take expressive action which is both in the moment and without impulse

  4. Abandon

    The practice of syncopating a detachment from discipline allows for the art to take on the quality of a happening, admitting the possibility for unconscious motivations to surface visually.

  5. Discipline
    discipline yogi meditating

    “The Yogi Attains Siddhi” Source:

    The refinement of discipline allows for the ability to realize a vision or expression to be presented with precision.

  6. Balance

    The ability to create equity between the often dipole forces of our nature allows for a better, more holistic representation to emerge; assuring that the artist’s personal evolution does not hinge on a crutch, but instead graduates toward mastery.

  7. Authenticity
    authenticity super happy dog


    An honest presentation, even if unpopular en mass, is a better point of reference from which to build relationships from the artist to the world. Moreover, an honest work is fundamentally more original, and therefore worth more long term.

  8. Diversity

    Image Credit: Florian Breuer

    To be able to expand outside of a single kind of theme or body of work is the natural potential of every being; to cling to a single kind of subject or style out of familiarity or fear of losing an identity, economically or personally, leads to stagnation.

  9. Skill
    skill bruce lee kick

    “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once. But I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” —Bruce Lee

    The strict and consistent pursuit of the betterment of one’s material craft is an essential tool toward having the power to realize one’s artistic vision.

  10. Love

    To love one’s work and one’s process is a fundamental right of the artist.