Phra Nang Farang Juxtapoz Budgie-Shaman painting Psychedelic Art Posters

Shamanic Revivalism is an admittance of the mysteries of existence as valid participants in the creative process…

To give illumination to the mystery requires of the artist an expansion or distinct shift of consciousness and a willingness to suspend one’s working model on reality. This happens by the ceding of overt rational control on the perception and allowing the perception directly to inform the art process.

From the revelations of the irrational condition one can find agreement between the canonical and new emerging zeitgeists, creating an intergenerational synthesis of art. In effect art also can seek a unified theory.

My current thesis, “Jataka Tales of a Budgie-Sattva”, expresses this process through the exploration of the figure in a dynamic mystical and psychological relationship to his environment.

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