Exhibition Schedule

  • Dec, 18, 2020 — Dec, 19, 2020

    HiveFest 2020 Exhibition

    NFTShowroom Gallery
    High Rise Art Venue in AltSpaceVR

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  • April 21, 2020

    Convergence–Art in the Age of Pandemia

    Dreams and Divinities Online
    A decentralized, socially distanced exhibit.

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  • May, 10, 2019 — May, 11, 2019

    Tripoteca in Toulouse

    Mix'Art Myrys
    12 Rue Ferdinand Lassalle, 31200 Toulouse, France

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  • Statement

    As I clear my conscious mind it peels away to reveal the vast unconscious dimensions of my greater being. Because this awareness produced in me a natural affinity for eastern thought I refer to my works as “Jātaka Tales” or simply “Jātakas”. I see the challenges, enigmas, sentiments, and ephemera of my experience as similar to the historical 3rd person Jātaka narratives of Gautama Buddha prior to his enlightenment. The term "Budgie-Sattva" within my oeuvre is an appropriation combining the word budgie (parrot) with “bodhisattva”, or one who is still on the path toward perfect awareness.

    The traditional Jātaka tales are an interesting collection of Buddhist allegories which recognize the subjective journey toward enlightenment by illustrating the groundwork an individual goes through. That groundwork manifests as incarnations of personal identity, experience, and learning; a framework allowing me to build a body of paintings pulling from my exterior and interior life. Traditional Jātaka tales describe multiple past lives of the Gautama Buddha, where each identity is a separate incarnation.  In my works, these multiple incarnations of self are contained within one life.  In effect, I am narrating contemporary Jātaka tales from the 1st person perspective.

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