Breakfast of Cherubs

Breakfast of Cherubs. Oil on Canvas, 8" x 10", 2008.

Breakfast of Cherubs


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Perhaps an apt description of this work comes from an interview I had with when I was asked: “breakfast of cherubs references more pop culture and carries a different weight than your more traditional pieces. Could you explain this piece, and what do you imagine the rest of the cherubs day to be like?”

To which I replied: “This piece is kind of a postmodern pop surrealist piece which illustrates the ‘breakfast’ of many modern teens–the paraphenalia, if you will, of our contemporary cupids or cherubim. It specifically updates the concept and eliminates the haze of Rococo censorship or romanticism associated with cherubs even in the common mindset of mainstream culture. As far as this cherub’s day beyond breakfast, I’d imagine it would consist of forays into experimental sex and chemical use. These cherubs have dirt underneath their fingernails.”