Caravan of My Inner Child

Caravan of My Inner Child. Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40", 2013.


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This painting is an illustration of various archetypes of my psyche within 2013. In this narrative a young boy pulls a large red wagon carrying entheogenic entities—one of which ponders the meaning of the Hindu “Tripundra”, or the three prime attachments of the soul, in synthesis symbolically to the I-Ching symbol of Li or “Fire” which relates to certain natures of thought and which can mean “To cling to something”.  An illuminati eye hovers in ascension above the quartz crystal brain of the pondering wagon entities in a rhythm of triangular UFO’s. The Boy himself, having wandered from a desert stumbles into an oasis of various psychic objects and buildings.  Just before him lies an organic flowering emergence of organic color and form. The young child also notices that his shadow is not his own.