The Screen Memory

The Screen Memory. Oil on Canvas, 35" x 20", 2013.


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A piece that describes an association I’ve long had with the alien and alien abduction experiences.

In the image a young freckled boy sets against a southwest American landscape. The mountains are made of morphing budgies. Fruiting cacti surround the figure, defending the boy like Nagas, or serpents, which protected the Gautama Buddha of ancient Indian tradition.

Large hot air balloons set in the distance. The boy clearly exhibits an instinctive eerie spinal feeling. The source of this feeling is confirmed beneath the veil of the apparent reality, which is demonstrated when the lights are dimmed on the painting and the alien influence comes forth through the glow in the dark glazes over the balloons. As is common with screen memory, the shape of the balloons and the shape of the aliens’ archetype are the same, allowing for the deception of the conscious mind of the figure.

Compositionally, the balloons serve to circulate red orange hues as well as to reiterate in a fractal sense the cactus-naga fruits through their similar shape and color. So too the similarity between the sharp illumination of the orb ufos and the spines of the cactus-nagas.