The Lovers

The Lovers. Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 30cm, 2016.

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This work is an original interpretation of the archetype of “The Lovers” from the major arcana of the Tarot tradition.  It was built in participation with The Hive Gallery and Studios‘ Tarot 8 show in January, 2017.

In the image are the lovers, consisting of a love struck rabbit and a polymorphic being.  Additional entities  include a sun and a glittering rainbow Shiva Lingam.

The baby-faced sun and the general environment are created in the manner of the Teletubbies cosmology.

The lovers set upon a radiating surface akin to the game Twister, engaged in an intimate moment.

Whereas the bunny is entranced, even possessed by his affection, the other creature exists simultaneously in their physical play, as well as an introspective dissociation into various psychological forms–and opening its mouth wide, it prepares to consume the Shiva Linga which swims above the crown of the rabbit.