Brom Art: Original Painting Collected by Cody Seekins

Today, we acquired an original painting by Brom. This 10in x 16in Acrylic on board is titled “The Grim”. Brom is a revered fantasy artist and author of “The Child Thief“.

Among his many contributions to popular culture, Brom created art for the Dragonlance and Dungeons and Dragons series, which were foundational inspirations of Cody’s art in childhood.

Brom with his painting, "The Grim"
Brom (right) and friend with Brom’s painting, “The Grim”

Through his art, Brom has also contributed to movies such as Sleepy Hollow, Galaxy Quest, Van Helsing, and Time Machine, and video game franchises such as Doom and Diablo.

The artist, Brom.
The artist, Gerald Brom.

View more of Brom’s amazing artwork below.

Brom art autumn
“Autumn” by Brom
Brom art blood ritual
“Blood Ritual” by Brom
"Gunslinger" by Brom
“Gunslinger” by Brom

More of Brom’s art can be viewed on his website

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