Cody to be “Featured Artist” @ Hive Gallery

The Hive Gallery is a welcoming and ground-breaking community intersection for artists and audiences.

The Los Angeles venue is well-established as an incubator for the careers of many up-and-comers in the alternative art scene, having brought recognition to painters such as Chet Zar, Yoko D’holbachie, and Audrey Kawasaki. But out of the dozens of artists that show each month, only a few are selected to display their work in the esteemed front-of-house “featured artist” spots each month.

This October, Cody’s paintings will occupy one of these spots as a featured artist at the Hive. Brand new paintings will be sent to fill a 20-foot-long wall space, along with a few signature pieces from Cody’s catalogue of completed works. The “Budgie-Sattva” series will be among the works on display. That show, which will be the first Hive show for Cody to attend in person, is scheduled to open on October 1st, 2011.

The Hive will publish a new ad in this month’s issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, again including a preview of Cody’s work within the showcase of “resident artists” (above).

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