Cody Acquires Painting by Chris Trenary

This week, we added a painting by Wichita-native Chris Trenary to our collection of fine art.  The painting was purchased from the walls of the Naked City Gallery, during their June art show, “Drag”. The acrylic piece measures 10″x16″ and is  an homage to disaster-stricken Japan.

Trenary’s 2011 itinerary has him showing in Detroit, at the Art Whino Gallery in DC, and at the Last Rites Gallery in New York City.

Chris Trenary Art, Wholesome
“Straight Up Wholesome” by Chris Trenary, Acrylic and spray paint on wood, 12in x 24in, 2008
Chris Trenary Art, Unspoken Dialog
“Unspoken Dialog” by Chris Trenary, Acrylic, spray paint and wheatpaste on canvas, 12in x 24in, 2005
Chris Trenary Art
“Work Together” by Chris Trenary, Acrylic and spray paint on wood.

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