New Painting for the Hive Gallery’s 3rd Annual Tarot Show Plus Work by Yoko D’holbachie, J. Slattum and More!

Small 11″ x 14″ painting for the Hive Gallery’s Tarot show January 7th, 2012 in Los Angeles. This is an Empress interpretation. The script on the right side reads “Devoted Mother”.  It is harder to see in the photograph but the head dress, lips, eyes and furr around the neck are glazed with high sparkling glitter alternating between reds and green in color.
More about the show itself:

Hive Tarot 3 show– 22 Featured Artists from 2011 create custom tarot cards to printed and sold exclusively at The Hive Gallery and Studios
January 7th, 2012
$8 door
Show Runs: January 7th – 28th

The Chariot Tarot Painting by Erik Siador
“The Chariot” by Erik Siador
  • Featured Artist 1: Renee Lawter and Jeff Lawter
  • Featured Artist 2: Greg Noppe
  • Tall Wall Artist: TV5D
  • Small Wall Artist: Brian Kessinger
  • Installation Artist: Brendan Waegner
  1. Eric Hamm-magician
  2. Salah- high priestess
  3. Cody Seekins- empress
  4. J.Slattum- emperor
  5. Yoko D’holbachie- the heirophant (pope)
  6. Shannon O’connor- the lovers
  7. Erik Siador – the chariot
Emperor Tarot Painting by J. Slattum
“The Emperor” Tarot Painting by J. Slattum
Heirophant Tarot Painting by Yoko D'holbachie
“The Heirophant” Tarot Painting by Yoko D’holbachie

8. Ver Mar – Strength
9. Sherry Delorme – the Hermit
10. Stephen Umana – Wheel of Fortune
11. Macsorro – Justice
12. Ken Dougherty – the Hanged Man
13. Tanya Maiboroda – Death
14. Mimi Yoon- Temperance
15. Sze Jones – the Devil
16. Rudy Fig – Tower
17. Deanna Addona – the Star
18. Craig Cartwright – the Moon
19. Maxx Mose s- the Sun
20. Alex Chiu – Judgement
21. Joan Charles – the World
22. William Zdan – the Fool
23. Greg Noppe – The Hanged Man

Hanged Man Tarot painting by Greg Noppe
“The Hanged Man” by Greg Noppe
Star Tarot Painting by Deanna Adona
“The Star” Tarot Card Painting by Deanna Adona. 11″x14″

Larkin- Ace of Swords
Steven Sandoval- Princess of Cups
Hector Hernandez- Ace of Cups
Mat Savage- 8 of Swords
Paul Thomas- Knight of Swords
Don Farrell- Wheel of Fortune
Charles Swenson- 2 of Pentacles
Daisuke Okamoto- Queen of Swords
Don Farrell- Wheel of Fortune
Dabbs Anderson- 2 of Swords
Peter Adamyan- The Magician
Kitty Brown- Queen of Wands
Laura Cosner- 10 of Swords
Lydia Burris- 5 of Pentacles
Megan Elizabeth Ford- Queen of Cup
Chris Hernandez- King of Wands
Adam Maloney- 3 of Swords
Masha Vereshchenko- 7 of Wands
Stephen Holman- 2 of Cups
Catherine Kaleel and Alex Schaefer- Knight of Pentacles
Matt Hendon- Knight of Cups
Matt Hendon- Knight of Cups
Cissy LaLa- Queen of Pentacles
Yvette Endrijautzki- Page of Cups
Jinx- 9 of Wands

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