Schön! Writer Roxanne Golding Reviews Cody Seekins

Newly released early December 2013, Schön! Magazine’s 23rd print publication debuts Cody Seekins Fine Art.  The author of the article, Roxanne Golding,  is a very talented and intelligent young woman.  Her engaging participation within the contemporary world of high fashion and fine art is active, current, and upbeat.

The experience of collaboration with Roxanne as well as the rest of the crew at Schön! was, to say the least, an extremely rewarding interaction.  The level of humanity, interest, and professionalism exhibited by the team was highly refreshing, and it is no wonder that Schön! has rocketed into such an auspicious place as a modern cultural periodical despite only being launched in 2009.

Schön is the German word for beautiful.  The intention of the people behind the magazine is to find, collaborate with, and showcase an inclusive array of talent globally.  To that end they are succeeding.  Backed by an international consumer support base of mostly young affluent professionals, many of whom orient within art and design, the movement represented by the magazine renews the possibility of fresh discovery.

Historically fine art succeeds best when there is an interested base of secular middle class behind it.  In today’s rather volatile economic stage such groups are increasingly found through a decentralized, or de-regionalized process of global affiliation.  Thanks to utility of the internet and the subsequent development of a world conscious citizen, there emerge alternative currents which can arise outside of the domain of highly crystallized and provincial establishments of fine art.  More loosely centralized, it allows a “build it and they will come” potential for visual artists of all disciplines.

This return to what makes art beautiful, the point of the personal frontier–the spirit in effect bringing back from its edge artifacts of the experience of living today–works against the strict monopolizing doctrines of art as commodity.  This is to say, the highest value in art is not work void of the humanism of the enlightenment, or its perversion, but rather the celebration of the authentic undertaking of the talented individual as they return to us to share the fruits of their discipline.

Schön! deserves heartfelt recognition for their affirmative undertaking.  You can explore them further through several means, including online viewing, digital editions, and in-print.  You can find the review of Cody Seekins Fine Art on page 150 of their Issue #23.


Thank you, Schön!, for being truly sweet, and for demonstrating vitality and integrity throughout your endeavors.  You’ve made Cody Seekins a respectful supporter.

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