Hive Gallery 18th Anniversary Show

I’m proud to exhibit my work “Naga: The Bee Catcher” at the Hive’s brick and mortar gallery in LA, for what will be an ambitious visual cornucopia, and an engaging evening of performance. I’ve had the privilege of showing with the Hive since 2010, and although the world has undergone much change since then, it remains a pleasure to participate in these events. If you’re in the area, I encourage you to attend!

Featured Artists:


Adeline Lamarre

Min Kyung Kwon

Amy Regutti 


BEST OF THE HIVE with over 70 Artists including-

*Chet Zar
*Lizz Lopez
*Anthony Ausgang
*Daniel Toledo
*Emily Kupinsky
*Nathan Cartwright
*Sunny Jin
*Stephanie Weitekamp
*Lauren Budney
*Michael Camarra
*Jophen Stein
*Stephanie Goldstein
*Shane Izykowski
*JT Steiny
*Danny Trang
*Daniel Hirsch
*Frank Venadas
*Barak Hardley
*Adam Diaz
*Raymond Argumedo
*Sandy Elizabeth
*Jophen Stein
*Skyler Gonzalez
*Evan York
*Sunny Jin
*Eric Hamm
*Ernie Steiner
*Alex Schaefer
*Danny Trang
*Duncan Sherwood-Forbes
*Frankie Smith
*Wendy Gadzuk
*Craig Cartwright
*Lynn Marie Greaves
*Adrian Romo
*Nathan Cartwright
*Cody Seekins
*Adam McCarthy
*Chris Waterman
*Angel Cruz
*Jimi Martinez
*Stephanie Goldstein
*Brett Herman
*La Dama Luna
*Emily Kupinsky
*Misael Urquico
*Pamela Mower-Conner
*Shane Izykowski
*Carl Lozada
*Sayuka Bloodstone
*Xiangzi Li
*Robert Edwin
*Renee Lawter
*Emily Tsai
*Hoss Cruz
*Carlos Etcheverry
*Ari Loeb
*Olesya Volk
*Jamie Wells
*Ryan Tesluk
*Jay Gruesome
*Anna Lee Lawson
*Ricardo Cisneros
*Robert Schmoltze
*Shirley Huang
*Snow Mack
*Sandy Elizabeth
*Tabitha Lahr
*Renee Tay
*Preston Thomas


“The Land of Make Bee-lieve”- artwork inspired by Hive, Mr.Rogers, and imagination.


Past Hive residents exhibiting new works!

DJ’s Curated by the one and only- SUPERBEE!!!! TBA
Cake cutting, Live Art and more!!!

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