NFT Exhibit with NFTShowroom

Luminesence flyer

My NFT Adaptation “Baphomet Symmetry” is being displayed as part of NFTShowroom‘s first curated exhibit in Cryptovoxels.  The show debuted September 15th at 7 PM EST.  The exhibition space can be visited at this address.

“Baphomet Symmetry”

The exhibition was curated by @juliakponsford and aims to show the wide diversity of art available on the NFT Showroom Market.

NFTShowroom is a venue for NFT’s minted on the Hive blockchain.  “Baphomet Symmetry” is one of the first NFT’s I created, and NFTShowroom was the first platform for NFT’s to exhibit my work.  There will be regular exhibitions at this Cryptovoxels location in the future.

View From One of the Entryways to the Exhibit

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